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PostSubject: Titles   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:01 pm

Personalized Titles

Personalized titles are given to members who have shown their dedication to this guild in many ways. The following requirements must be met before a member can achieve his/her personalized title. Once the requirements are met, YOU MUST ASK MARRON (OLIVE), if you are qualified to achieve a title. If you are, then you get a title. Sometimes, I will just automatically give you a title if your dedication and satisfying of the requirements is way obvious. Otherwise, please make an effort to ask me if you are qualified, especially since I have at least 60 other members to cater to. So try to make yourself stand out.

These are the following requirements to obtaining personalized titles.

1. You have created an Introduction Topic about yourself in the Hello/Gooodbye Section. Make sure I know who you are. Remember I keep a record of all your names through Kookie Points. So I will know who you are if you make an effort to introduce yourself to me.

2. You are active in both WoE (3 times a week, unless you inform the Leaders), non-WoE days, in the bRo forums to BUMP the Anomaly Guild Thread, and on the Anomaly Forums.

3. Follow the guild rules and bRO rules.

4. You have to be in the guild for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

General Titles

The last three titles have been designed to organized the type of members we have. These are the General Titles.

1. [Polynomial]
TItle [2] are the legit recruits to this guild. They are part of the roster and are subject to the rules and benefits of this guild. So long as they have this title, they are subject to an automatic kick if they do not satisfy the rules, without letting the Leaders know. These members are also subject to earning personal titles and getting a promotion. Hence, they are called legit.

Title [1] is much more broad. Any kind of members who just received an invite to the guild may have this title. They will be checked by either Ichi, Adan, or me everytime we log on. Our goal is to get rid of these titles because these members are considered "unknown". The leaders must get rid of these titles by giving any known members Title [2] or be kicked from the guild.

So for example:

Title [1] Person 1 (interviewed)
Title [1] Person 2 (randomly invited for WoE)
Title [1] Person 3 (Old friend who just wants to WoE every Saturday)

So all the above people have Title [1], which is the general title. Let's say I logged on and checked these members with these titles. I would change Person 1's title to "Bawser" because he is a legit member. If I don't know who this person is, I leave that title alone until I know who it is. Person 2 will be automatically kicked.

Warnings and Expulsions

Anyone with the personalized titles are expected to continue to be active admirably. If they don't continue their performance and become inactive for more than 3 weeks, without informing the leaders, they will be stripped of their titles and will be given a General title. If they continue to be active for another 2 weeks under the General Title, without informing any of the leaders, they will be automatically kicked.

To those with a General Title, you are in a stage where you still have to prove your loyalty to the guild. If you are seen as dedicated, then you are promoted. If you don't follow the requirements and rules you swore to when you joined, then you are automatically kicked. You can join the guild again, but in order to move up the ranks, you have to meet the requirements. If you have a General Title and are inactive for more than 2 weeks, without once informing any of the Leaders, you will be automatically kicked.


If you guys have any questions or concerns, say so below.

If you guys think some rules should be changed, say so below and we will try to find a consensus.


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PostSubject: Re: Titles   Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:12 pm

omg really?! damn,good i already got mine yo Smile


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